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. >>> and life is still a far cry from normal in "new york post" sandy. we have a story on life in one of the hardest hit states. >>> when you have a city with the largest subbasis testimony, when it is down, it is crippling. some lines were up today. but you cannot escape post sandy new york. >> reporter: everywhere you go, it is there. >> everything has been touched by sandy. >> reporter: from long island, where houses are destroyed, lights out, cars dead, still. to new york city, where frustration is the new normal. >> get in front of me. >> reporter: here, three long days in the dark and three long hours for gas are taking their toll. speaking of tolls are free, but you pay in waiting. if you have less than three people in the car you don't get over a bridge or new a tunnel. >> move to the front, let's go. >> reporter: no news story can wrap up the toll of super storm sandy. the death toll is 97. more than half in the tristate area. today, the discovery of two boys swept from their mother on a staten island street at the height of the storm, they got out to get help, but she could
from super storm sandy, the death toll at least 63. locally power is back on for thousands of families up and down the east coast. millions are still in the dark. the damage is in the billions of dollars. on families and flooded homes rescued and choppered out to stacey. in a moment a story you'll want to see. a local man living with als. his devoted wife and how this amazing couple has weathered the last few days. a ray of hope for a couple that can really use it. we're going to be here for a long haul. that promise from president obama to the people of the garden state. >> from the air and on the ground, mr. obama got an up close, firsthand look at all of the carnage, and together they met with dozens of families that lost their homes, their businesses and in some cases both. >> we are here for you. and we will not forget. we will follow-up to make sure that you get all the help that you need until you rebuild. >> and the president reiterated he's ordered federal agencies to cut through any red tape. the top priorities, restoring power and clearing roads in mass transit. for nomillio
back to where it had been before hurricane sandy. in new york carpool restrictions have been lifted, and most subway lines are running. power has been restored to all but a 10th of new york city residents. warming centers remain open for those still without lek tries. schools will be open tomorrow for 1 million new york city school students. governor christie is urging schools that have not open to be creative to get students back to the classroom. >> we've got a lot of work to do but we've already accomplished a lot, from 2.7 million people out of power, we're down to under a million in less than six days of work so we're making progress, doing the things we need to do. you know i will continue to ride herd over these folks and make sure what needs to get done will get done. >> gas continues to be raged but the governor says he hopes to lift that order soon and he insists there is no gas shortage in the statement he says the long gas lines should subside now that refineries are running again, and that president obama has ordered millions of gallons of gas sent to the region. aid to
sandy. just a few hours ago, the marathon was canceled at the public backlash over earlier plans to go ahead and have it. new yorkers complained that the marathon would take police and other resources away from the areas hard hit by the storm five days ago. mayor michael bloom issued a statement saying, "we cannot -- bloomberg issued a statement saying, "we cannot allow this to distract attention away from the critically important work that is being done to recover from the storm and get our city back on track." many of those affected by the storm agree. >> life changes, you know. sometimes you've got to cancel things. i mean there was no halloween. >> folks helping with the race have shifted their focus, now helping out-of-town runners that don't need the hotel rooms anymore to donate those rooms to families displaced by the storm. >>> sandy's force is very visible on staten island where the marathon was suppose to start. both are piled on top of each other. houses are torn from their foundations, and they pushed them hundreds of feet away into the march. homes have been boarded up. s
with the aftermath of super storm sandy and then the nor'easter. in new york alone, the damage could reach $33 billion. it was a pretty odd day for the folks that live there. not strange, just odd. you see, today gas rationing began and only people with license plates sending in an odd number are allowed to fill up. tomorrow it will be the even numbered people's turn. there are numerous stations closed because they don't have gasoline or electricity to pump it. >>> and governor chris christie toured the damage looking over the sea side boardwalk. the governor said the owners want to rebuild and he is going to help them. christy reminisced about riding the rides there with his own daughters just a few months ago. >>> and the archdiocese of washington is trying to help out victims of sandy. this morning students at saint andrew apostle catholic church and some other perishes were loading up a truck with clothes, towels and blankets. they will get canned food and fresh fruit. you can help the victims as well. just go to facebook page, like it. and for everybody that does, we will donate
's where the storm is adding insult to injury. half a million people still have no power because of sandy. right now the new jersey/new york area is taking another hit from tropical force winds and snow that's starting to pile up. >> you can't run away from this stuff. this is mother nature. you gotta do what you gotta do. >> prior to the storm crews up and down the jersey shore reinforced sand dunes hoping to prevent more flooding. >>> an early casualty of this storm, air travel. airlines have already canceled hundreds of flights in and out of jfk, laguardia, and newark airport. expect that number to climb into the thousands. airlines are hoping to avoid stranding crews at socked in airports. for the latest on the storm and its path let's get right to meteorologist topper shutt. >> anita, we're lucky that we're far enough south of the storm. we have a little light rain, occasionally some sleet here in northwest. let me show you the radar. some areas in new jersey and new york already have four to six inches of snow. we've had some light rain, most of which is going to be freshly the dist
are trying to get up off the mat again. first, a body blow from superstorm sandy, then the upper cut from last night's nor'easter. hundreds of thousands down for the count. not a tko. an eko. electrical knockout. crews are out there working all night trying to restore power to thousands of family in the dark all over again. >> and all of a sudden, poof, and there were, back in the middle aims. shoe for this to happen again so soon is very frustrating. >> the nor'easter's snow and wind pushed down snow and power lines and enter fared with a whole host of post-sandy relief efforts. >>> we've heard about the folks in long lines to get gas. now officials are doing something about it but that solution brings its own brand of pain. starting tomorrow drivers in new york city with license plate numbers ending in odd numbers can get gas. on saturday, folks with even numbers. right now only 25% of the gas stations are open. >> our own reporter bruce leshan knows what it's like to have to start over apartment tree crashed down on his home during superstorm sandy forcing him and his family out. >> re
two weeks after hurricane sandy. >>> we had a gorgeous weekend. how much longer can this weather last? at least through tomorrow morning. as you're heading out the door, looks like we'll have clear skies and comfortable temperatures as well between 41 and 50 by 7:00 a.m., 40and 50s by 9:00 a.m. you're going to need to bring a jacket and an umbrella tomorrow night. details coming up in the seven- day forecast. >>> tonight, greek lawmakers have taken another step toward trying to revive an international bailout program for that country. they pass add new budget in hopes of bringing much needed international aid to their debt- laden economy while keeping the financially troubled economy on the eu currency system. thousands of protesters demonstrated and clashed with police in riot gear as they protested the new budget that calls for spending cuts and higher taxes. tomorrow eu finance ministers will meet. the greek economy prices will be the center of those talks. >>> in florida today a rally on behalf of a bethesda, maryland man being held in a cuban prison. demonstrators gathered in wes
sandy. saturday almost two weeks after the storm, many people got their first look at the damage. >> this is not my boat. >> reporter: john boil found a boat in his backyard. his 7-year-old vacation home filled with four feet of water. >> it's been through a few storms but this is absolutely the worst. >> reporter: in new york. >> we put in 12 packs in a bag. >> reporter: volunteers like sofia and her daughter fanned out across the city to assist people still struggling. >> they lost a lot of their stuff and their homes right next to the beach. they had a dance and some of us didn't make it through the dance and we're here to give them what they need. >> reporter: volunteers are working to distribute those essentials like blankets, water and diapers. all of these supplies have been donated. but some say help came too late. >> this has only been maybe a week and a half of, you know, fresh water, but for the first 5 or 6 days, no one was there. >> reporter: frustration is especially high on long island. where some of the 130,000 still without power are demanding answers from the lo
of sandy. go to the and like us and for everybodwho does that, we will donate a dollar to the american red cross sandy relief fund on facebook. so far the american red cross has taken in nearly $85 million. of course, that money goes to shelters, food, water and relief supplies for those victims. anita? >>> derek, tonight there's been a deadly accident involving a vre train. it was around 7:30. a person was struck on the train tracks near cherry hill road in prince william county. we don't know that victim's identity. the incident, though, caused big delays for commuters tonight. some passengers stuck for two hours until another train could get to them to continue their trip home. >>> you do not want to miss tonight's let's be real commentary. i've got the harsh lessons we learned from a presidential campaign a lot of us may be thinking we'd like to forget. >>> a consumer alert for anybody interested in modifying an existing loan. lesli foster explains why it can be homeowner beware. >> a silver springs grand mom who could no longer afford to pay her house note makes a
saga in tonight's let's be real. >>> and up next, helping out the victims of super storm sandy. we join her on a very emotional journey, top? >>> well we hit 55 today. kind of chilly today. here's your wake up weather for saturday. really a nice saturday morning. 28 to 38 at 6:00. 30s and 40s at 8:00. we should be in the 40s pretty much across the board by 10:00 with the full sun. we'll come back and tell you what the temp will top out at on saturday. looking ahead to sunday and looking ahead for your travel day on wednesday. >>> that's why she and her friends collected money, handing it out directly to people desperately in need. this is their story. >> i saw the wave coming down in the middle of the avenue. >> heartbroken. we're all heartbroken. >> reporter: within five minutes it was already two feet. two friends and i collected money and supplies, handing them out in staten island, new york. but this isn't about us, it's about these stories of survival. , perseverance, and the inextinguishable experience of those who lived through hell and one who didn't. 85-year-old world war ii ve
island today, getting a firsthand look at the damage from superstorm sandy. he visited a neighborhood where 19 people were killed. the president thanked first responders, military personnel and fema workers for helping in the recovery. 47,000 new yorkers have applied for housing help through fema. many of them want the government to act faster. the president urged insurance companies to, quote, show some heart and some spirit in helping people rebuild. ,everyonce in awhile you hear the story of a person who has overcome unthinkable adversity to rise above and soar. tonight the children's defense fund honored ten such teens. >> eva maria, let me tell you about this girl. >> the police would be at our house constantly. basically i was forced to grow up. i couldn't bea kid any more. senate's not often video exists, the most terrifying night of your life. but for 17-year-old eva marie, this was the turning point. >> that completely changed my life because my dad was not there any more. >> reporter: she already add rough childhood. >> my dad was an alcoholic, and that affected the family b
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)